University of Baltimore

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Instructional Analyst and Designer (June 2005–Sept 2011; Dec 2000–Sept 2003)
Program Manager: Instructional Analysis, Design, and Development (Sept 2011–Nov 2014)

I designed, developed, and administered fully online and technology–enhanced graduate and undergraduate courses. I was also the University’s “resident expert” on matters of instructional analysis & design and curriculum development.

  • I supervised the completion of ~200 courses every semester without missing a single deadline, often under difficult/changing circumstances.
  • I successfully managed the migration of hundreds of online courses into UB’s newest learning management system, Sakai (2011-2012). Previously, I converted 80% of the UBOnline courses from the vendor’s proprietary system to Prometheus (2001) and, later, from Prometheus to WebTycho (2005).
  • I provided classroom training as well as phone, email, video conferencing, and document support to UB faculty and students.
  • I managed the Merrick School of Business Quality Matters certification process for the core MBA courses with an 88% first-pass rate (national average is <40%).
  • I created the first website for a UBOnline program: the webMPA. The site was later used as the model for all program websites within the, then, Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts.

Adjunct Faculty (Spring 2004–Summer 2013)
Affiliated Faculty (Fall 2013–Present)

I am an affiliated faculty member teaching health informatics, writing, and information–design courses. See my list of courses in the teaching section.

Center for Community Technology Services (Sept 2003–May 2005)
Deputy Director

I served as the Deputy Director of a nonprofit technology–assistance provider at the request of the executive director of the School of Information Arts and Technologies.

  • I designed, developed, and implemented sound marketing and operational processes.
  • I designed and wrote timely and cost–effective proposals, progress reports, project summaries, and recommendation reports.
  • I stabilized the accounts receivable and payable processes.
  • I managed all web projects from conception to delivery. I also created the UB Student Center site at the personal request of UB’s vice president for planning.
  • I successfully launched and administered a three–year, $450,000 Learn–and–Serve–America grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service.